Gilly (Mistress of the Fens)

Hello – and welcome to my World. I am a Patterdale cross – that’s a type of terrier to those that don't know. I am now six years (in human years) old and I live in a loving home with two wonderfu (most of the time) two leg’s. They take me for lots of walks and rides in their car and play lots of games with me.

I have lived with my present playmates for 5.5 years and I didn’t always live in the fens – I originally lived by the sea down in Cornwall. It happened like this……

One day I was having a game with some sea weed and my then present owner, was shouting at me to come back (that I ignored), when I saw this really nice playmate who was playing with stones with her owners. So I runs over and introduces myself to “Molly” and I start to play while the two leggeds’ start chatting.

I think no more of it apart from what a nice game I have had and hope to meet Molly again. Then two days later we meet in a car park and I am handed over to one of the two leg’s for a walk, I think, so I don’t look back as I’m keen to go play with Molly, as we got on so well and my then owners drive away.



Well Molly and I go for a lovely walk in the wood with the Two – legs and then we go back to Molly’s house where I am given nice food and a new blanket to cuddle. That night I sleep in the upstairs with one of the two legs and molly goes to sleep with her two legs.

The next day we get up and go for another walk together oh joy – I am on holiday with really nice people. One of the two legs keeps taking me out on my own without Molly so I am very pleased but tired. Molly is a bit put out at not coming with us but my new friend keeps talking about “bonding with me”, and it seems really important to her so we go along with it and play race up and down the stairs and chase ball a lot instead.

After a couple of days of this I am beginning to really get used to my new surroundings and love licking Gaye, Molly and my new mum. On the third morning Molly and I sense a change in the atmosphere, our two legs are anxious and there is a bit of leaking from their eyes going on and lots of talks of “trains”, walkies and biscuits.

We then go to this really interesting place where lots of other dogs have been and there is a big ditch with metal things at the bottom. After a while a large noisy metal thing draws up (train) and me and my new mum get on and sit down. I am very pleased that I am at this point sitting on her lap so I can see Molly and her 2 legged and the noisy thing leaves my friend Molly behind.

There are lots of other two leggeds’ on this large metal thing and they make a lot of fuss of me and tell me how cute I am – I think this is wonderful and lap up all the attention. My new mum seems calmer now and keeps telling me what a good girl I am.

After a while I get bored so get down and fall asleep on my blanket at my new mum’s feet and she just keeps in contact with me ( I think she just wanted the reassurance I was there, so I licked her hands every time she touched me).

After a long time we get off the big metal thing and meet up with another lady briefly In a very large “house” with lots of people, and noise. My new mum takes me outside and asks me to be quick and I oblige as I am very well trained. I am very interested in all the new sniffs and noises and sounds but before I know it we are back on the big metal thing and we are travelling again.

After the longest time, I am stiff from sitting still for so long we get off the metal thing and are met by a tall 2 legged, who my mum obviously loves as she gives her such a big cuddle, and she (ol’ big boss of sticks, balls and bones) takes my lead and we are off, another new place!!!

I miss Molly and her 2 legged but I like my new mum, she takes me lots of different places – but the nice bed helps as do the treats <grin>.

©Gillypup 2003


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